Born in Elazığ 28.04.1964

Elementary education:  Hasan Ali Yucel Elemantary School in Istanbul, Etiler

Galatasaray Highschool 1975 – 1983

Boğzaziçi University Sociology Department 1983 – 1989



2004 – First researches and experiences about wine in Veneto, Italy.

2005 – 2006 – Bronze and Silver certificates about wine from Vindrome, Veritas Istanbul.

2008 – Intermediate and Advanced Certificate from London based WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) with merit level.

2010 – Certificate of Sommeliership from master sommelier Annie-Françoise Crouzet at NKU.

2012 – Diplome of Viticulture merit level – Plumpton College

2012 – Diplome of Professional Sommelier AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier)



1985 – License of professional tourist guide from  Ministry of Culture and Tourism in English and in French

1996 – License of professional tourist guide in Japanese language.

2004 – Establishment of, the first wine tourism platform of Turkey, initiation of tours with the theme ‘culture and history of wine’.

2010 – Opening of Sira Hotel in Cappadocia, management of the hotel, wine tastings and seminars about the history of wine in Turkish, English, French, Italian and Japanese.

2008-2010 –  Instruction of courses like ‘History and Culture of Wine’ and ‘Wines of the World’ in Vocational High school of Cappadocia.

2010-2011 – Instruction of  the courses Sommeliership and ‘Wines of The World’ at NKU, NAKSEM.

2010 -2012 Wine tours to France and Italy in collaboration with, in Turkey wine tours based on the theme of history and culture of wine in collaboration with Kayra Wine center. (vinotolia-travelatelier).

2009-2012 Researches and Seminars on History of Wine and Food in Anatolia




A multicultural approach to wine in Mediterranean (in English) – Maviology magazine 2006

Akdeniz’de Şarabın Çokkültürlülüğü (Turkish) – Maviology dergisi 2006

Hititlerin Şarapları (Wines of Hittites) – Food & Travel Magazine February 2011

Four different articles on Cappadocian Wine, Cappadocian Cuisine, Saint Sophia in Istanbul, Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia in the book ‘From Istanbul to Cappadocia’ published by E Yayınları – 2009

Interview: Wine of Mozart – Forbes magazine April 2006.

Five Articles in the book ‘İzmir’den Antalya’ya’ published by E Yayınları, 2014: Şarap Tanrısının Romantik Kenti, Nysa; Işık Ülkesinin Keyif Kenti, Arykanda; Çok Eskiden Ege’de Zeytin Kültürü: Ege, Akdeniz ve Şarap; Ege ve Akdeniz Mutfağı.



Wine Tourism Potential in sarkoy Area in the light of Byzantine Wine Culture – October 2010

Murat YANKI, Hilmi Rafet YÜNCÜ –  “Wine History, Wine Tourism and Capadocia”, The 5th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Proceedings Book, Cappadocia: 446-455., 05/2010



A Wine Journey in the land of fairies – A book on wines of Cappadocia January 2012

Wines of Turkey – A booklet that introduces the wines of Turkey, Yenen publications July 2011

A Historical Wine Map of Turkey, 2012

Capapdocian Wines, book in English Erik Yayınları 2014

A Historical Wine Map of Cappadocia



  • QUE SERA DEMAIN ? NATURE ET HOMME: QSD? LA NATURE ET L’HOMME-EP04-TURQUIE-LE VIN DE CAPPADOCE. French TV 5 channel, september 2011, interview in french.


  • CNBC – GATEWAY TO MIDDLE EAST – interview and speech on history of wine in Cappadocia. In English. 2009 by Joanna Andrews




Speech on History of Wine and Viticulture in Turkey from Hittites to present. In French 2009 Grenoble, France. (in French)

Lecture on  ‘History of Food in Anatolia’ at EWBC Wine Bloggers International Meeting in Izmir – November 2012 (in English)



Planning and guiding tours based on history and culture of wine for the first time in deifferent regions of Turkey in Turkish, English, French, Japanese and Italian.

Researches and seminars on history of wine

Education on wine for hotels and restaurants

Wine Tours and Events in Cappadocia and in other regions of Turkey.