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Major Wine Routes of Turkey are as follows

Thrace Wine Route

Founded by more than 10 small scale wineries in 2013 as the first wine route of Turkey, Thrace Wine Route bears a multitude of both historic and geographical sites.

Urla and Aegean Wine Route

Urla Wine Route was established in 2015 with the collaboration of 5 wine producers of the area. With the participation of some more small wineries in following years this route has become an important focus of interest.

Çal Plateau Wine Route

Last but not least declared Çal Plateau Wine Route is formed of 4 producers that produce wines in an exceptional terroir linking Mediterranean climate to the continental one of Central Anatolia.

Cappadocia Wine Route

Probably the most interesting wine route of Turkey with its amazing geological formations such as fairy chimneys surrounded by vineyards.

Mesopotamian Wine Route

This route corresponds to Eastern and Southeastern part of Turkey where the two rivers that make Mesopotamia, Tigris and Euphrates are born.