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in Turkey

Oenotourism is a sustainable/ high value added / boutique and human scale tourism type which is a significant member of agriculture and farm tourism – (Agrotourism) family at the meeting point of cultural and gastronomic tourism, which helps in discovery of vineyard products, natural, historical and human heritage, containing accommodation, nature activities, rich gastronomic experiences and also direct product sale in itself.
A few different names are used in the world; “Oenotourism”, enotourism, winetourism, vinitourism are the main ones.
Natural areas which may be reinterpreted as “qualified rural areas” offer us an extraordinary potential in Turkey which has the 5th greatest vineyard area of the world. Facilities around the vineyards are placing in the heart of the ever-increasing interest in the countryside with rows of vines, pastoral views, plant diversity and architectural opportunities that create spacious spaces. Vineyard routes started to be created by the initiatives of vine growers/producers from our different geographical regions are a significant warp and woof for building oenotourism in Turkey. Thrace Vineyard Route, Urla Vineyard Rode, Inner Aegean Vineyard Route etc. routes provide all vineyard products to gain added value.
In oenotourism movement, not only the existence of vineyards and wine production facilities but also the existence of the historical centers around these facilities which worth to be visited are important. 

Turkey is extraordinarily lucky in this subject because excluding some Europan countries, wine production points and historical archeological areas which most of them are also included in Unesco World Heritage List are not that close in any other country. 

Here are some examples: Ancient Troy, city of legends and Gallipoli Peninsula / Eceabat area as rising star of Turkish viticulture; Ephesus, one of best preserved Roman sites in the world and Aegean / Urla Wine Route; Hierapolis -Pamukkale sites and recently launched Çal Wine Route, Cappadocia Wine Route.